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Play Therapy

Play therapy is an effective way to support children with emotional processing, healthy brain development, and much more.  Play therapy can keep your child engaged in their sessions and help them process in natural ways - through play!  When talking is too overwhelming for a young child's brain, interactive therapeutic play can be very helpful.

Whether your child struggles with behavioral concerns, anxiety, depression, or has experienced trauma – play therapy can be a fun and comfortable way to support your child with their needs as they overcome various challenges.

During play therapy, we can do various therapeutic work:

- Model appropriate behaviors 

- Learn about healthy coping skills

- Model and learn about emotions and empathy

- Process emotions, trauma and/or stressors

- Introduce "helpers" to a child's story

- Encourage children to use their support systems

- Positively reinforce your child's self-esteem & confidence

- Learn and practice impulse-control skills

- Model appropriate relationships (friendships vs bullying, etc.)

- Learn to work as a team, focus, and follow directives

- And much more!

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Contact us anytime if you have questions about getting play therapy started for your child.

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